help find George!

A good example of what a mother will do for their child...

Monday during my run, Audrey's absolute favorite stuffed animal monkey, George, who was also my husband's favorite when he was a baby, must of fell out of the stroller. When we got back (I believe within minutes of dropping him), I immediately saw he was missing and jumped in the car. George was no where to be found. 

After driving around my jogging loop twice and talking to people, I came home and made Lost George signs. I went back out with the stroller, bad blisters and all, and started posting signs. 
So for this week I have been jogging/walking my path over and over, re-hanging signs and just praying George will come back. 

Audrey went everywhere with George since she was tiny. She is upset and I think I am even more upset. It is so sad! Someone must have picked him up and we just hope they will let him come home where he belongs. 

I may be going a little overboard, but George went so far back in the family and is really special. He has to be in this small town somewhere! 

Please help spread the word: Help Find George


Aimee said...

I hope you find George! I had a soft baby I carried everywhere when I was little and it went missing and my parents had to go out and buy a replica...and eventually the original showed up and I had 2! But items that have been in the family for awhile are very personal and I hope you find it!

Nikki Darlin' said...

Oh No! I hope you find him. I know how those things are. Good luck.

Missie said...

Oh no! I really hope that you find George soon!

Mandee said...

oh no! Have you found him yet?

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