reshaping it all: don't fall!

Summer is here which means the BBQ, chips and beer are here too. For a few weeks now my schedule has been crazy with Audrey's birthday, camping trips and other vacations. Easy fast meals have been what's on my plate and it has been a struggle to make time to workout between laundry, unpacking and packing up again. 

I haven't completely fallen off the bandwagon, but my high spirits of feeling in control definitely slipped. At my house, I have no problem with eating healthy, well proportioned meals and doing hard workouts. However, when on vacation, the portions are bigger, the bacon just smells so good, the beer is so cold, and I really have to force myself to get out and run. Bacon and beer isn't a bad thing, but maybe I shouldn't be following the motto, "Work hard = play hard." Playing hard just makes me feel sluggish and doesn't treat me well when I get home and go run.

So, what to do considering we have three more months of vacations? I've done some research and here are some tips I'm going to follow: 

1. Stay Hydrated. Drinking my daily amount of water plus some will keep me hydrated and full. I get really distracted, so I need to fill it up in the morning and really focus on drinking all my water. Once the beer or wine comes in, I will continue to drink water in between and before bed. 

2. Keep Exercising. Taking a break from my rigorous weekly workout routine is much needed, but it is fun and beneficial to stay active on vacation by walking, doing a little jog, a bike ride, hiking, swimming, etc... It boosts my energy, keeps my metabolism up and makes me feel better about having a S'more. 

3. Spritz it up. I'm going to start trying wine spritzers. Sparkling water or club soda has zero calories, sugar and carbohydrates. It will cut the wine calories in half, give me some water and add a refreshing summer taste. 

4. Get away from the snacks! Camping, BBQ's and vacations in general always tend to have a constant supply of good food just barking at you. I mostly need to practice discipline here and if it gets too hard, leave the snack table and go for a walk.

5. Plan for the day. What's going to be for dinner or breakfast is sometimes not in your control. When others get out their homemade pies or S'more makings is also not in your control. However, I can be controlled by asking what is going to be for dinner and then making a plan for the day. If it is going to be a high-carbohydrate dinner such as pasta, I'll cut back on my carbs for the day and portions. If I really want a S'more later, I'll watch my sugar intake, planning on that S'more later. 

6. Eating fast. Relating to #5, so many times on the way out for vacation it is said, "We'll just stop and grab something to eat on the road." This is hard to plan for if you are not driving. Lately, I have packed food such as sandwiches and healthy snacks. However, if you aren't in control of the situation and your tummy is growling, offer up some healthier and still fast choices like Subway or even a grocery stores deli where there are many options. Try and make the best choice, and there is no harm in letting your co-pilots know how bad fast food is for you. They won't be craving it as much if you let them know some ugly calorie facts about that Whopper. 

7. Stay away from thinking, "I'm on vacation!" I have to remember this is a lifestyle change I am making and not something that goes away when I'm on vacation. Next vacation, I'm bringing along my motivator books: Reshaping it All and the Bible. I need to stay close to God when temptation is fighting its way in and keep a constant partner on this reshaping journey.

OK, I think I'm verbally talked myself into (and hopefully, you too) a better plan when going on vacation. I haven't gained any weight, but I haven't lost any either. I'm still 10 lbs away from my goal.


Aimee said...

#4 is hard for me especially on vacation. But #7 is such a great point and reminder to keep faith at the front of all we do! Thanks!

Mandee said...

As I sit here and munch on pretzel m&m's, I need to remember to stay away from the snacks! I eat healthy meals but then I snack at social events. My Pilates Instructor told me to focus on socializing and talk a lot instead of eat, and it helps!

my abc soup said...

I love it. Talk instead of eat.

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