room for two

With the recent 1-year celebration of Audrey came all those well known and anticipated comments, "So, when is baby number two?" 

When we moved into our little two bedroom cottage, I figured by the time we had two children, we would be into another home. This was the starter, five-year home. 

Due to the economy and just lack of being logical, my husband and I both had to discuss if that was even possible to move within the next few years. It is a huge question mark. 

Hubs would say in regards to children sharing a room, "They did it in the olden days!" Which is always his response to things, and I am no olden-day kinda woman.

But, with the hard selling market and not-looking-up economy, I really did have to think: how would this work? Tentatively, I would like to start trying for baby number two within a year or so, and if Hubs' swimmers do as well as they did the first (unplanned by me) time, we'll have a house of four by 2013. I don't see us moving by 2013. 

Addition to the house? No. We've already put money into this house that we most likely won't get back. While I love this house, an addition would make this a forever home. 

Room for two? I am an advocate for a crib sleeper. Audrey slept in the bassinet in our bedroom for only a few weeks and then was moved to her crib. She slept so much better and so did we. It is hard to imagine a newborn sharing a room with a 3 or 4-year-old. 

Decor wise: where am I going to put all these clothes!? We have two closets and one huge wardrobe. Of course, queen Audrey takes up the whole wardrobe leaving me with her bedroom closet and Hubs (work clothes, hunting clothes, normal clothes...the man has a lot of clothes) with our bedroom closet. 

Move into the wall tent? Seriously.

You have kids sharing a room? I need a little empathy.


Nikki Darlin' said...

ME and my sister shared a room from the time I was 5 until i was 18 and moved out. The house i lived in had like two closets in the whole three bedroom house. We had those clothes rack things and drawers. It's not fun. And the room gets really messy fast. But i did it so it can be done.

ashley.dancer said...

My boys share a room...my hubby built them bunks which they love! Maggie has her own room for now, but we have a 3 bedroom home and (IF) we have another she will have to share as well. I have found it is not as hard as I thought to get all their stuff into one room, you just have to be creative with storage. Organizing happens to be a passion (obsession?) of mine, so it's kind of fun :o) Where there's a will, there's a way! P.S. I shared a room with my sister AND brother until I was 8.

Tripp and Stephanie Pearson said...

I have a 1 1/2 yr boy and a 2 1/2 yr girl who currently share a room. THEY LOVE it and so do I. They have been sharing for a few months now, and honestly it went so much better than I thought. I wish I would have done it sooner. Our house was chosen for location and not an abundance of space, but originally was supposed to be a 2-3 yr house and we have been here going on 5 yrs. You can do it! Good Luck!

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