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Recently, I decided to start saving my Vogue magazines for Audrey when she is older. That got me thinking. What else should I be saving for her? 

My mom had an awesome collection of memorabilia and saved goods. The prom and bridesmaid dresses served for many play dress up occasions and Halloween's (80's dresses were a little scary). Her collection of records was pretty epic, and now as I get older, I appreciate all the family heirlooms she has kept from generations and generations ago. She also saved my sister and my baby books and toys, our Barbie dolls, movies and probably every report card, picture drawn and essay.

So, what do I save for Audrey? Here are a few thoughts: 

1. Magazines. My thoughts on Vogue is a whole other blog, but the magazine that has served as this other dreamy world of couture fashion, art and lifestyles is also at an important moment with the maker of high fashion Grace Coddington being 70-years-old and ruler of the world, Anna Wintour, being 62. I imagine when Audrey is old enough to care, they won't be there.

2. Clothes. Fashion does repeat itself, so maybe those very chic items I am growing out of now, she will appreciate when she is older. The leather jacket, the tiny and tight black dress, those boots I went everywhere in during college...Maybe those will save my coolness factor later.

3. Blogs/Articles. I've been saving all my published newspaper articles that mostly have to do with Audrey and should probably get on printing and storing the blogs as well. My suggestion, even if you are not publishing, write down the memorable stories, moments and feelings of motherhood. When you get older, the stories will change - so better to write them down fresh. Already, I look back at when I cut Audrey's thumb and was crying hysterically. I kind of laugh now at the fuss I made (and she didn't).

4. Music. Now that most music is stored on the computer and iPod, I'm going to need to transfer some classics to CD for her. I'm sure she'll appreciate all my Britney Spears albums!

Have more ideas? Comment below!


Megan said...

Such a great idea to save the magazines!! How neat to see what was trendy so many years down the road!

Jessica Polley said...

It's a great idea until you have to schlep a pile of magazines around. Could you have chosen a heavier magazine? : D

Kidding aside, I love the idea of saving things for Audrey. I know I cherised the fact that my parents did so for me.

xoxo Jess

Unknown said...

Brittany, I would save any classic handbags you have. They are always a sure fit no matter what size you are and can really make an outfit. I would say the same of hair accessories. I would also encourage you to save cards both those you have for her and those that you and Chris send to each other. I would love to see the thoughts that my parent's exchanged with one another. Love notes are priceless. I love you Auntie Mimi

valncami said...

you should save something special you have to hand down to her when she turns a certain age or something - that would be nice :]

thank you for your lovely comment on our blog!
we really appreciate it :]

come visit us again soon!
xo, Camilla & Valerie

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

very cute idea! i've loved seeing mags from my mom's younger years :)

Rosann said...

I've been wondering the same thing for my daughters. They each have a giant storage bin of stuff I plan to give them when they turn 18 or are otherwise a responsible adult who will care enough to take care of the stuff. Right now it's the obvious things like baby blankets, favorite books or stuffed animals, and their first Halloween costumes.

However I have been thinking of things I should keep rather than throw out, but the problem I have right now is storage space.

I'm also thinking about taking my blog posts and self-publishing a book as a keepsake for each of them. My blog is a view inside my heart and soul, which is something I've never seen of either of my parents, but would love to know that side of them. As parents, we often keep our heart and emotions silent from our children to protect them or because we think they don't need to know. But what about when they're older? I don't know, I just think my kids would appreciate knowing a very personal side of me that isn't me responding to them as a mom, but rather seeing me as the broken and imperfect human being that I am.

Sorry that was so long winded...


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