weekend re-cap

We headed up north for my girlfriend of twenty-years' wedding and some great family time. 

Every time we head up, we try and see as many family members and friends as we possibly can which always makes for an exhausting weekend. 

We got to visit my great grandmother who is 97 and just a rock star. It is always such a wonderful feeling that she has gotten to watch Audrey grow up - her great, great granddaughter. 

Along with that visit, we went to see Chris' grandpa and grandma who are also in there mid-nineties. Grandma Arnold has dementia, but is physically pretty well. We named Audrey after her and every time we visit, she gets the surprise all over again when we tell her that our baby is also named, Audrey. Makes for some big smiles and feel good moments. 

Saturday evening we celebrated the wedding of my oldest friend, Jill. What a beautiful ceremony and reception that was also such a great group of close family and friends - including Jill's and my fourth-grade teacher whom we've remained close with. 

Audrey hammed it up as usual. During the ceremony she spotted another little girl relatively the same age. As soon as the other girl noticed her, neither parent could stop them. They slowly walked up to each other, looked each other up and down, the one girl touched Audrey's dress followed by Audrey touching the other girls' shoes and then they walked off. Chris and I were trying hard not to bust out laughing. 

ABC got to spend time with my grandparents as well. Audrey is so blessed to have all this loving family around her. 

On a side note, I fit into my high school winter formal dress for Jill's wedding. Felt like I was 16 again, just with a baby in tow. 


Missie said...

looks like a great weekend!
p.s. Thank you so much for your note! It is good to know I am not alone! I like the not bringing up past arguements...and also waiting till I calm down to approach not in a quarrelsome manner

Sundresses and Smiles said...

What a great weekend filled with reunions! Audrey is so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Mandee said...

what a sweet weekend, and a sweet story about your grandmother (s).

Anonymous said...

Grandma Minto came out for my graduation party a few weeks ago. As we were helping her back to her car, I said, "How are you doing, Grandma?" and she said, "Steady as a drunken sailor!" It was adorable. She is a rockstar.

Your cousin, Holly

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