a day in the life of a s.a.h.m & wife

A newly pregnant girlfriend of mine recently asked what a typical day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom and wife is. Although we keep a schedule, I still plan every day as it comes because with a one-year-old, you never know. Therefore, I decided to keep track of a typical day of mine and share, although every day is different and full of surprises. It may not look that exciting, but I wouldn't change hanging out with my baby for anything. And while these are average times, everything always takes longer with diapers being changed, a quick game of hide-and-go seek, books she wants me to read and yes...tantrums thrown.

4:00 a.m.: Wake up with Chris to make breakfast and his lunch.
5:00 a.m.:  Back to bed.
7:00 a.m.:  Audrey wakes up. Every morning for some reason she likes to hand me every stuffed animal, blanket and pillow that are in her crib. This takes a good ten minutes, change the diaper and we're ready to start the day!
7:15 a.m.:  Audrey is seated for breakfast. I get her juice and my coffee and make the both of us breakfast.
7:30 a.m.: Audrey eats breakfast while I also eat and do my devotionals. Then I clean her up, she watches Baby Can Read or plays in her room while I have "me" time on the computer blogging, checking e-mail, doing finances, etc...
9:00 a.m.:  I start doing some house chores such as putting the dishes away, starting laundry and making the beds. Audrey and I always brush our teeth together. Lately, Audrey likes to "help" with all this, so it takes awhile.
10:00 a.m.: Audrey lays down for her morning nap and I get this time to really whip out what needs to get done (and what seems impossible when A is awake). On this particular day it was baby shower invitations. I take care of billing, so a lot of the time I'm doing that. 
11:30 a.m.: Audrey wakes up, gets dressed and I prepare her lunch. She gets to eat in her stroller while we go for a run. 
1:30 p.m.: After a run, I usually shower and then we do different things every day. Run errands, grocery shop, have a play date, play in the pool, etc... We are very social so every day seems to have something to get ready for or go to. 
3:00 p.m.: Audrey lays down for a second nap (usually) giving me more time to clean or finish tasks. 
4:00 p.m.: Daddy is normally home and we'll spend time catching up with him about his day. Audrey loves to help Daddy in the yard while I start preparing dinner. 
5:30 p.m.: We have dinner as a family and talk for awhile. 
6:30 p.m.: Daddy gives Audrey a bath and then reads her a number of books before tucking her in. 
7:30 p.m.: Audrey lays down.
8:00 p.m.: Chris & I head to bed and read. Depending on the book, I could be up another two hours! (Recently, The Hunger Games).


therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

BUSY BUSY BUSY GIRL... I can't believe you get up at 4 to make your hubby breakfast your a good women!!

Ashley said...

I never knew I would be so busy as a SAHM! And I loved the Hunger Games too! :)

Rachel said...

You are totally living my life (city girl marrying a country boy :)

And SAHM is the best job to have!

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