a healthy hibernation

It is time for the kids to go back to school, the tan lines to fade, air conditioning to be turned off and the crock pots to come out. For me, it is a little bittersweet because I love summer but by the end of September, I am always ready for fall. 

However, saying "goodbye" to summer also means saying "goodbye" to those sunny outside jogs, fresh produce and the constant pull to be active outdoors. Now we go into hibernation mode which is a little intimidating when you're trying to maintain or continue to lose weight. 

Also, with Audrey being 14-months and needing constant stimulation, it has been easy to keep her occupied outside but now I fear we'll both end up inside and sitting around.  

So before I put my tennis shoes away and get out the big sweaters, let's come up with a winterizing plan for the whole family.

This week I have a some fabulous healthy guest bloggers offering advice and options. Please see yesterday's post by ChristianSuperMom below and check in tomorrow for good friend, lifestyle coach Brad Miller. 

Below, comment and let me know how you stay active and eating well during the "dark" months.


Rosann said...

I stay active thru my gym membership...the facility even has an indoor pool surrounded by windows so when the snow is on the ground, I can go swimming "in the snow."


Aimee said...

30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. It is only 20 minute so its perfect for young mommies with little ones running around. I imagine nap time would be a great time to complete it! I sweat more in that 20 minutes than I do an hour at the gym and its more than perfect for the schedule!

Aimee said...

Also, my gym offers daycare services with my membership so there's an opportunity too. I would check out the staff and see if they are required to complete CPR and edu training sessions. I'm sure you don't want to hand your baby over to anyone (:

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