p*tty words

Audrey is picking up everything she hears these days. My husband and I find it really important to teach her good manners which includes not using potty words or swearing. 

We never really had our ears tuned to our family, friends, movies, music, etc... until we became parents. Then it seems everything we hear is not appropriate. 

However, we cannot completely shelter Audrey from these things in the world, but can choose to teach her all about manners and not using bad words. 

Additionally, we can tell our friends and family to watch what they say, but this gets difficult. With certain family and friends, it is easy to say something, but some people you may not feel as comfortable with. And, we can't keep saying things and setting rules for people that are around Audrey. What do you do? 

I love what Kourtney Kardashian & Heidi Klum have to say about potty words. 

I also read some good advice with their articles such as trying to use substitute words. For example, "Stop breathing up my ###," they can say instead, "Stop breathing up my popcicle." Agreed that this sounds better and will make everyone laugh. 

Have advice? Please share below!


Mandee said...

I just started reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games! I flew through the first one because I was so intrigued:) I love this series! What do you think?

Missie said...

Subsitute words are probably the best....i always find myself saying "oh peanut butter" lol

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