road trippin

We set off yesterday for a road trip from Portland to Whitefish, Montana. Audrey hasn't been on a long road trip since she was 6-months-old in which case she did very well. 

However, I've learned just since our 5-hour trip yesterday that traveling with a 14-month old is a little harder. Many moms probably agree that at this age, the world revolves around baby. Things like no stopping when Audrey has FINALLY fallen asleep because she will wake up or teaching my family to ignore the screaming when she is trying to go to sleep in the car. 

Sleeping in a hotel room all together is also a new experience. Last night I actually considered putting the travel crib in the bathroom so that she could go to sleep. I settled for the hallway, but may opt for the bathroom idea tonight.  Tips?

We are off to the Silverwood theme park today. Audrey has not had enough sleep so wish me luck! 


Nikki Darlin' said...

Oh Lord good luck. Our daughter is the worst when it comes to riding a long way in the car. At 2, if we are in the car more than 10mins she starts crying. We had her stay with us in a hotel for one night back when she was 10months and it was horrible. She wouldn't sleep in the pack n play and only would sleep a hour at a time on top of me. Not fun.

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