SUV mom

Well, we finally did it. This past weekend we got a new car. What a grueling process, but in the end is a very happy momma. 

And God really helped in this situation. I had been pretty set on a small crossover size SUV. Hubs and I had it pretty narrowed down and we set out last Saturday to conquer a number of dealerships and hopefully bring something back home. 

After test driving a smaller crossover, I admitted to my husband that I did, indeed, want something a little bigger. Awhile ago hubs was wanting me to look at Ford Explorer's and I just refused. 

We then looked at a few larger SUV's and I was madly in love with the space. The groceries, the dogs, the kid(s) and all of my stuff can fit! Although I didn't make the mini-van move, I can kind of see where you mini-van moms are coming from. It is so darn spacious! I was sold. 

I tell you what, something about driving an SUV just makes you feel that more like a mom. I can't wait to have the soccer team or dance team back there. 

After dinner out a few nights ago, Chris was driving with Audrey and I for the first time in the SUV. He had a major moment: "Oh, I'm just an SUV Dad now!" Pretty soon kids will be yelling, "Are we there, yet?"

I love it.


Nikki Darlin' said...

Congrats on the new car. I'm so looking forward to paying my husband's truck off so we can get something with more space. Poor daughter of mine if running out of leg room fast in the backseat of our F150.

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