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 I've seen many lives changed and weight lost through health coaches and friends, The Miller's. Here are some words of advice and contact information to inquire about more.
Hello all!  My name is Brad Miller and my wife Ashley and I are long time friends of the Green Acres Super Mom that you all know and love. We know Brittany from her good old city days in the very health conscious Portland, Oregon. 

Being from the Portland area we are definitely more inclined to look at our health and care about proper eating habits as is popular in today’s Oregonian life. While we are not your organic loving city  hipsters, we are certified health coaches and it is our life mission to help others get down to a proper body composition and improve their eating habits.  

Because many of you are amazing super moms yourselves and nothing is more difficult than trying to reclaim your figure after bringing a child into the world while simultaneously taking care of everything else in the household, we will be writing on how to take a healthy approach to weight loss.  

Rachel lost 70 pounds and 8 pant sizes in just 6 months
As moms you are busy, you don’t have time to deal with all the hype or false advertising out there that may or may not help you lose weight.  I will be touching on 5 main points today on how to actually lose weight, what works and what doesn’t.  

Along with the approach you should take to not only maintain these results, but become healthier overall.  Before I give you all of this information, you may want to know that it is actually coming from a viable source. 

Not only have I lost 25 pounds myself, kept it off for 3 years and drastically improved my understanding of what my body needs, but I come from a family that combined has lost over 2,000 pounds, reduced medications and even saved a few lives. 

At the bottom of this blog you will find a link to view before and after pictures of our family and many others that we have been able to help.   Before you go there and check them out I offer you these 5 tips to take a healthy approach to weight loss and regaining back your figure.

1.)    Diets don’t work: This is the first and most classic mistake that Americans make towards losing weight.  Please try to hang with me here as this will be a big mind shift for most.  Diets do not work!  Some diets may help you lose weight, some are just frills and gimmicks that yield no results.   This makes it very difficult to understand what you must actually do since everyone out there has a weight loss answer, or has found some magic berry from the Amazon that is the new miracle cure to losing weight (pshhhhh….).  We call these “crash diets” and they don’t work.  Anytime you take your body out of balance you are not setting yourself up to be able to maintain your results long term if you see any results at all.  A diet is what you eat every day, not something you do for a couple weeks to lose weight.  Even if you are successful in dropping some pounds, if you go right back to your old ways then whatever weight you were able to take off will come right back on.  What you first need to start off with is a systematic approach to the correct way of eating and work on making these habits that you include in your everyday life.

2.)    Difference between proper weight and being healthy: As I referenced above, something that is very important is giving the body 100% of the nutrition it needs. Many people focus on the weight loss or consider themselves healthy because they are "skinny."  While losing weight and then maintaining it, its not about how little you give your body, its about giving it the right amount of nutrition and the correct food with a gentle calorie deficit throughout the day to promote weight loss.  Then once you are at your goal, you can slowly increase your calorie intake to be balanced throughout the day to match the calories your are burning.

3.)    Exercise won’t make you skinny: The common myth is that you need to exercise a ton to lose weight, this is of course not true.  At most exercise is only 25% of the equation, the biggest area that will help you lose weight is what and how you eat.  I will touch a little more on that in the next point.  This is very important to understand because how can you expect to stay at a healthy weight if you are required to work out 10-20 hours a week?  Who has time for that? Don’t get me wrong, exercise is good for the body and promotes muscle growth, but it will not get you the results you want.  (pretty exciting to hear right?  I just told you that you don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym to have that pre bay figure you once had!).  Next time you are at the gym I dare you to go up and talk to someone that is in great shape and ask them about their eating habits.  I am sure they will repeat a lot of the things you are hearing here in this article.

4.)    What to eat and how to eat it: OK, here is the info that you wanted to hear.  I am only going to touch on a few very basic points as I could go on with this topic forever.  The correct way to fuel your body is with small meals 5-6 times a day.  Eating smaller. Equally divided meals throughout the day will not only keep your metabolism going at a higher rate, but it makes it harder for your body to store foods as fat.  With our foods, you again want to make sure they are healthy and nutritious.  The things you want to watch out for is the amount of sugars, calories and carbs that are in your foods, there is way too much of this packed into our everyday food now.  The more sugar and carbs in your food, the harder it is to lose weight or maintain weight.  So make sure to watch out for those things in what you eat.  So with that said, good food items to eat are in order of their amount is lean proteins, low starch vegetables, low glycemic fruit, low fat dairy and healthy complex carbs.  Don’t forget to drink half your body weight in water each day, proper hydration leads to better body function.   

5.)    How to Drop weight-  So building on the tips above, you want to make a small deficit in the amount of calories you take in throughout the day with the amount you are burning.  Keep in mind you want a gentle deficit evenly throughout the day.  Too much at one time throws the body out of balance and makes it harder to lose,  a steady stream will keep the body balanced an on track to lose weight.  Remember weight loss doesn’t happen all at once, so commit to a plan and watch the scale go down.  A steady 1-3 pounds a week is a good pace!

These are just some basic tips on how to go about losing weight in an effective and healthy manor.   If you have additional questions on the information above you are more than welcome to email us at  optimalhealth247@gmail.com we are happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic.  

If you would like additional information on how we have helped our family and our clients we would be happy to share with you as well.  My overall advice to you is to not give up, EVERYONE can be at their healthy and happy weight.  For some it may be a little easier than others, but it’s possible for everyone.   

To view some pictures of success stories that we have helped create please visit the Success Stories page on our website.  Know that it is possible and you can do it. 

In health,
Brad Miller


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