back to reality

Good morning, blog. Haven't seen you in awhile! 

It is wonderful to be home. Not so wonderful to have piles of laundry, no groceries, bills to pay and a thousand receipts to go through. 

Ritzville, WA.
What a whirlwind of a trip. Audrey & I took off 13 days ago for Portland with my new SUV loaded with all the essentials. We spent time with friends and then the next morning, took off for a road trip to Whitefish, Montana with my parents and sister for a long-time friends wedding. 

Five hours was about Audrey's limit in the car. We spent the first night in Ritzville, Washington - named for its wheat supply given to the Ritz cracker. 

The next morning we headed out for Silverwood, Idaho, home of the Silverwood Theme Park. With the skills of a momma co hearsing her daughter to take her morning nap in the car (I had to give her all her stuffed animals, lock a blanket in place over the car seat and then proceed to rock the car seat back and forth. Phew!) - Audrey was bright-eyed and ready to play. What a blast! Could have spent more time given the large amount of rides. Audrey loved the water park and was again ready to pass out by the time we packed up for Whitefish later that evening. 

Mom's distance calculations were a little off and instead of two hours, it took about five hours from Silverwood to Whitefish making for a dark, adventurous trip. My dad got pulled over for going five over the speed limit; a few cops had to join the party with the "crazy Oregonians." With the windows down and flashlight shining, a large moth flew in the truck causing my mom to flip out, opening the door and yelling. Almost got us shot. Audrey remained sleeping, thank goodness. 

Finally, we arrived in Whitefish. The next day we spent time in the Glacier National Park and then at a good friends beautiful wedding. A great band got Audrey's attention and she, alone, danced in front of the stage, watching and loving the rock music. Future groupie. 

After a fun night and not enough sleep, we packed up and headed back the next day. Exhausted, the family stopped in Spokane, got in bed and ordered pizza. The next afternoon, we were back in Portland - with colds. 

Audrey and I rested the next two days, and then, feeling a bit better, headed to the Sunriver cabin to meet the hunter hubs who had been in the wilderness, bow hunting this whole time. 

We had a great time in Sunriver moving my sister into her college pad in Bend, drinking good beer and spending time with more family and friends. 

Ahh, so you see, it is nice to be home! Time to get this house back together!


Aimee said...

Sounds like a busy, fun time! Good luck getting caught up!!!

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