the fall box

Now that the house is somewhat getting back in order, it is time to get down the fall decor box from the attic. I always love fall decor. It isn't an overload - like I tend to do at Christmas time - but just enough to bring in the oranges, reds and browns to your house. 

Oh, Pottery Barn. How I love your expensive but wonderful ideas for me to copy at a quarter of the price! I picked up miniture lanterns like such at Target FOR $2. Yes, $2! Perfect all year, but great addition to fall decor.
While I love fall colors, I loved this bunch of silver and white pumpkins and fall fruit at the Dollar Tree. Makes a nice centerpiece.
I love the warmth by adding some pumpkins, hay bales and corn stalks. All things I have in the garden.
Fall candles are very much a must. I don't bake, so this way I can enjoy the scents of pumpkin pie and trick visitors.

Playful lanterns are easy and add some fun


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

very cute!! love fall decor. i need to get my autum candles out and burning.

Rosann said...

Very cute decor! :)

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