orange infused nursery

It has been a bit of a stressful time in the Arnold household! A fabulous past time that has taken my mind off of everything is decorating. Thankfully, since I have redone every four rooms there are in our house, I've been helping a few friends with interior design. 

Mommy-to-be Keeli had a beautiful paint scheme by Behr picked out. Cool blue, winter colors that are glamorous and modern. The scheme in Vintage Chic by Behr with one color swapped out for a charcoal gray. The colors will be offset by a popping white molding. 

I was moved by a large painting that Keeli's sister did for her niece. I immediately wanted to infuse a little orange into the room. A little sunshine for a what was a winter room.  

1. I love DIY name decals. For this one, I mocked the orange pom poms by doing a circular orange painted decal with the baby's name in white above the molding
2. IKEA light fixture is very playful and modern
3. A must-have baby toy giraffe, but also adds to the modern look and brings in the orange. Great book shelf items
4. The mommy-to-be has a matching Pottery Barn crib set in a light wood that warms the room
5. Keep the bedding a simple white and then just add colors with a blanket
6. With white bedding, you can also have fun with some Pier One pillows
7. Lounge glider from Babies R Us with a Pier One ruffled orange pillow
8. Storage is always a must, therefore add cute fabric tubs for toys and books
9. Inspired painting by baby's auntie
10. IKEA white bookshelf 
11. DIY tissue pom poms add a really fun corner to the room. Put some white lanterns
with it and it will pop!


ashly dancer said...

Cute! I love this :-)

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