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Well, I think things are slowing down over in the ABC household. Maybe? But being gone for such a long time adds to the mess at home. Things become unorganized and in-need of a good fall clean. 

The rainy weather that has already set in made me feel better about literally tearing the house apart all of last week and weekend. It started with having to organize Audrey's closet again. The girl outgrows so fast and with bags of new fall attire, we had to make room. 

That project led to re-organizing everything. Every closet and mostly, the garage. In my little cottage, I am constantly tested with how well I can organize since I have so little space to work with. I couldn't have gotten tired of labeling. It was so much fun finally getting out there with new plastic smelling tubs and working some organizational magic. 

Yesterday finished the project and I also had time to decorate for fall. 

Before I post those photos up, the last few weeks have also been in preparation for my good friend, Keeli's, little baby girl's arrival any day. A friend and I held her a shower which couldn't had been anymore pink and bright! And then, with Keeli's unique and fabulous color choosing for her nursery, I worked some ideas for decorating and this past weekend, it came to life! Now, we are just awaiting little Phoebe. 

I found these at Pier One and just fell in love.

Two in one: Get a onesie pack or some from the dollar tree, hang to a wire with close pins and you've got cute, easy decor and sometime Momma can take home!

Keeli's mood board with her colors and furniture. Inspired by the Koi painting done by Keeli's sister, I thought to brighten the room up with orange.
Terra experimented this time around with fabric poms instead of tissue. A lot of time, but a fabulous result.

The orange name board, as you see in the mood board, I am currently painting. I'll have photos soon.


Mandee said...

I love cake pops:) You are inspiring me to clean as well! I'd love to have an organized closet and a home with labels on everything!

1TootieFoodie said...

Beautiful room! I can't wait until my husband actually paint our nursery and I can finally decorate it before the baby comes!

Rosann said...

Oh, so much fun! I love organizing and labeling things. And yes, it's fascinating how quickly our little ones outgrow their clothes. I recently swapped out all the summer clothing for fall/winter stuff. I almost feel guilty taking all those perfectly adorable, barely used clothes to Salvation Army. But, I know next summer she won't be able to wear them and someone else might as well benefit from their cuteness.

Looks like you've been delightfully busy these days.


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