feeling orange

Orange is a fabulous color. Happy and cheery, but also warm and soothing.Good thing there has been so much of it in my life this week.

Orange one: I finished my mom-to-be friend's name board. I came up with the idea after researching a number of name decals. Since she split the room with white molding and had cool blues and grays, I loved popping on top of the molding with a painted orange semi-half circle and a small, handwritten name. Modern, simple but lots of color and fun.

1/8 '' thick hardboard, painted

Personalized font, printed in the wanted size and baby's name, Phoebe.

Orange two: I also finished my fall decorating. It is nuts how fast you can jump into fall from summer! Last night, the fire was going, the candles were lit, fresh cookies were in the oven and everywhere was spitting up fall from my home decor to the outside wind and rain. 


Rosann said...

Brittany, I love your fall decor and especially the pictures of you with your daughter and your hubby with your little girl on your mantle. Those are awesome! :)


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

super cute little project!!

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