I'm off...again

While I am completely exhausted from traveling (I have been gone 21 out of 43 days) - I am still completely pumped about this weekend! This evening I am headed up north for the Women of Faith conference. I've heard amazing things and can't wait to experience it. 

Audrey will be staying home in Daddy's care. This is the longest stretch he's taken care of her. While I am not worried about my husband's ability to take care of a 15-month-old (because, really, he has no clue), I am a little uneasy because she just got pretty sick. Dealing with a baby is one thing, but a sick one is really challenging physically and emotionally. 

Prayers for her health, for my travel safety and ease and for my husband would be appreciated! 

Do other wives do this before they leave?


Rosann said...

Oh my goodness...have FUN at Women of Faith. I had the opportunity to go this weekend but declined because that would have been three weekends in a row that my family would have been put on a back burner for something I wanted to do for myself. I hope you share your experience in an upcoming blog post! I'm curious which location you were planning to attend. I was supposed to go to the conference in Pittsburgh.


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