reach out

Just about an hour ago, my husband was one of the first to approach a semi truck that had gone through a guard rail and down a hill, throwing the driver into the river. As others stood and drove by, he pulled up and dove over the rail, pulling the driver to safety. 

What an amazing man I am married to, but also, what a reminder that is to all of us. How many times do you pass an accident or a person injured or in distress and think, "Someone else is probably calling 911..." "Someone else will help." 

Usually, that is what everyone is thinking. 

So, dive in. Help when you see there is a need.


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Amen! I always make sure to call (but usually have children with me - which would keep me from stopping) but, I've had my husband do the same & it even turned out to be a special friend of mine- he saved his life! very special- glad you've got a good man too :)

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