we're awake!

I have awoken from my toddler-induced-coma and am feeling revived. Ready to start a new week!

And so is Audrey. She is back to cracking me up more than ever. It is really hard as a mom when you know something shouldn't be funny and maybe there should be discipline involved - but you just can't help laughing.

Here are some recent Audrey-isms: 

I swear that this photo was not staged. I helped Audrey put on the boots she wanted to wear and the rest was all her. 

Lately, Audrey is very into stealing and hiding momma's keys. She is really good at it too because I keep my purse zipped and in the closet, but somehow in the moments it comes out, she grabs those keys.

I couldn't find my keys over the weekend and yesterday I had time to look at her and say very seriously, "Audrey, where are mommy's keys?" "Please go get my keys."

She took me on an adventure opening closet doors and pointing for me to look under the beds. After a few minutes, no keys.

I then started something in the kitchen when all the sudden she approached me with my keys! Smart girl. She didn't want to give away her hiding spot.

Baseball watching with daddy.
Audrey is also at the stage where she mimics everything we do. I'll wash the car and the next time she is outside, she will pretend like she is washing it. She mimics dad and mows the lawn with her little mower and wants to play with tools.

My favorite has been her recent obsession with praying. Chris and I always pray before meals and have tried to hold Audrey's hands, but she just squirms and gets to eating. Earlier this week she was sitting with her dinner before we sat down. The minute we sat down, she held out both of her hands to pray. No matter how long the prayer, she holds tight and laughs every time we say "Amen."  
This is the cutest thing ever.

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