Women of Faith weekend

WOW. That is really all I am left to say after the Women of Faith event I attended this past weekend. Okay, that is a lie because I have been rambling to my husband ever since I got back.

These women (and man) and their stories were inspiring, emotional and incredibly real. A realness that allowed I bet every woman in the arena to resonate with what they said. A realness that almost made me feel uncomfortable because you think that they are talking about you. 

If you have never gone, I recommend it with everything I got. 

I came back early to take care of a sick baby and relieve my husband a bit who had succeeded in full-time daddy care for two days. Poor little girl is still not doing well! 

Here are some of my favorite tidbits from the Women of Faith weekend: 

  • "Pride is bad helium" 
  • If you get defensive when someone calls you on something, they are probably on the right track
  • Wake up and say "Yes" to God "Thank you" and "No" - the no part is essential for those of us who constantly feel guilty not to do something or are worried too much about what other people think: IT IS OK TO SAY "NO"
  • We are constantly worrying about the friends our children hang around when it is just as important, if not more important, the friends we hang around
  • Minimize your words if your a talker - almost always will something slip out that you will regret 
  • Everything you do matters. All of your actions matter. It isn't usually what comes out of your mouth that people will look at, but how you are as a person - how you act. 
  • If you are searching for happiness, you will never find it. Humans are built to be in constant need of more or better. Happiness ebbs and flows, but only real joy comes from the Lord.
  • On that note, be content in all things. Enjoy things, but stop yourself in this search for more, better or this unattainable satisfaction.
  • Patsy Clairmont (my favorite!), her opinion on taking medication: "If it helps you, I say, 'Pop that pill in Jesus name!'"  
  • Be still. "Be still and know that I am God." ps 46:10
  • Never underestimate the power of prayer
  • Smile when you talk - others won't be able to help the smile that grows on their face 
  • Children are never too young to learn manners
  • People are "...restless until they find rest in You" -Augustine 
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and learn to ask for forgiveness. Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't cut it. If you mean it and want to hit the reset button, ask, "Will you forgive me?" You will see how much harder it is to ask that other than say "I'm sorry" 
  • Be a friend to yourself first - then you will know how to be a friend to others
  • Give yourself grace, allow for yourself to be imperfect and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH 
  • Be tough and never give up


Ashley Dancer said...

Cute Pic! Patsy is on of my favorites, too.

Missie said...

Be tough and never give up! Love it!

Rosann said...

{Girly scream! Aaaaaaah!!} I'm so excited for you that you were able to go to Women of Faith. Loved reading through everything you took away from it. All so so so true! Love the picture! I can see so much joy shining through you!


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