book two: the time traveler's wife

Being the pregnant horny one that I was, a romance novel was perfect for book two.  I buried myself under the covers in bed, ate chocolate and time traveled. I probably gained a good ten pounds during this month.

I cried, I laughed and occasionally couldn’t wait for my husband to come home in order to seduce him. Ya, right. Seduce him with the planet size belly of mine.

I was excited for this second gathering. Not happy that I had to drink apple cider, but looking forward to getting to know these women more. I also couldn’t wait for the food.

The usual conversation surrounding husbands and pregnancy stuffed our mouths. “My husband does this…” or “My husband does that…”

After we filled our plates and smothered our lips in BBQ sauce, I felt it necessary to actually ask about the book because I was actually reading them. I was someone who did not read for fun. However, I was also really happy that no one really cared to talk about it.

After throwing out a few one-word thoughts like “confusing” or “sexual” or “good” – we got back to our food and husband chatter.

I sat there and began to time travel myself. I couldn’t believe this was me already: married, pregnant, living in a cul-de-sac and in a book club. I started to get lost in thought. A little over a year ago I was calling Thursday “Thirsty Thursday” and now it was book club night! What happened?

But as I felt my youth slipping away, I was realizing that this new part to life was so much better. I had friends…yes, I was calling them my friends by now…that instead of talking about meaningless celeb gossip, we wanted to get to know each other. We wanted each other’s advice, stories and knowledge. We wanted to know recipes, what other books we read and what our families were like.

I drifted in and out of past memories while listening to the hums of the women talking and laughing and feeling the baby kick. I was nearing my seventh month of pregnancy.

I snapped back to present time as book number three was announced. Looking down at the little piece of paper, I giggled. The assignment sheets were getting cuter and cuter. They now were adorned with a picture of the book, where to get it, date and time of the next meeting and directions. “Wait? Are these scented?”

My mind continued to race and get me anxious. Once I stepped into the book club zone, I couldn’t look back. And then I started to read book number three and boy, was it good. 


ugh, baby weight

I gained 35 pounds during pregnancy. I could have done better and I could have done worse. But with all that behind, now I have to lose it.

Many women told me that “it will just fall off” during breastfeeding. But I’ve always had trouble losing weight even with two hours of exercising per day and strict dieting.I am not one of those women who can just start walking or give up soda and lose twenty pounds. Somehow eating pretty well and being active my whole life has made it harder to lose weight. Nice irony there.

Audrey is 7-months-old and I’ve lost 30 pounds so far. Yes, even though I’m back in my old jeans- my body is still pretty different. I’m going to have to go buy some “momma” jeans and throw out the hip-hugger college jeans.

The weight went off in sections. The first ten pounds in the first two weeks just naturally (because I was definitely still eating a lot) and then the second ten pounds was when I started exercising and the last ten pounds was from really watching portion sizes.

Most of us all know we eat large portions, especially when we love to eat out. After nine months of pregnancy and not worrying about eating the same amount as your husband, it is a hard habit to break.

Another lesson learned is in regards to diets. I have done every popular diet out there. The only one that really helped was L.A. Weightloss- and you know what? All they do is teach you the food pyramid and portion control.

Thus, I have learned that eating healthy and exercising is the only way to go. Yes, it may be tougher and longer to see results- but it is the way to go.

Now that I am nearing my pre-pregnancy number, it is getting harder and harder. And I would like another 30 pounds off. Phew. This is going to be fun.

Here are a few things that have helped me as well as some inspirational stories that keep me going:

1. Exercise. I started walking and running with Audrey in the jogging stroller early. She loves it and either falls asleep or just looks around. It is a way to stimulate her, while I get a break. On cold or rainy days, I will use my indoor bike. I jump on during nap time or have Audrey in the room with some toys.

2. Water. L.A. Weightloss started me on my water kick. I used to be terrible and now I can’t get through a day without my recommended 64 ounces. Get a water bottle you can carry everywhere/fit into your purse, and make sure to finish it by the end of the day. Getting a 64 oz. water bottle is the best, but I carry a 33.8 water bottle and make sure I drink and refill half way through the day.

3. Portion sizes and calories. It is true- in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. When I am on the bike for an hour and see 300 calories come off, I know that 300 calories was probably my breakfast. Look at calories and try to keep portions at about fist size (whoa, I really need to work on that myself).

4. Know your body. From past diets and paying attention to what I consume, I know my bad habits. Those bad habits are crazier after pregnancy. I never used to touch chocolate and now I just want it all the time. I am also a carb lover and know that when I limit my carbs, my body responds. I am not saying that taking out carbs will be the best for you, but know your habits and try limiting things.

Things I am going to work on:
Now I am getting into the tough zone. So far, I have had it easy. I finally hit my plateau and that tells me, I need to step it up again. Ugh.

1. Condiments. Crap. I am a salad girl and have a salad every day. I could eat salads every night too. But, I know that my condiments make it as calorie loaded as bigger meals. So, I am going to watch my dressing and cheese. I’ve also been addicted to avocado lately, so that will need to be taken in smaller amounts. While it is a “good” fat, it is still a fat.

2. Wine. Double crap. While wine is my treat that I allow myself, I’ve been great lately with just having one glass per week and a few on the weekend. Knowing that I am consuming roughly 100 calories per glass, I know that I have to push my workout a little more to allow myself that treat.

3. Exercise. I am going to do a race in June which is really pushing my running. Signing up for something like that really locks me into running and pushes me to go farther and faster because I know that even one week without running will set me back.

4. Meals. I am one that gets really busy and skips meals. I then go running and am starving by dinner time. Small healthy snacks during the day are on my must-do list so that I do not eat too much at dinner time. 
From one mom to another, WE CAN DO IT! Tell me what methods have helped you or if you have an inspirational story, I would love to hear it and share it. Nothing keeps us going better than motivation and helping each other along. 


depressing housewives

I just started watching Desperate Housewives. Television has never really been my thing, but a recent surge of raging hormones stuck me on the couch just wanting to veg out (and eat guacamole). So, I started Season One. 

The intrigue of figuring out the big mystery is what keeps me going. Other than that, the first few episodes have characters that I'm not that impressed with. I'm more depressed with them. 

Out of five women (four counting those alive), only one has a good marriage. And that is saying "good" means that there isn't an affair going on or marriage counseling- or suicide. 

This portrayal of the suburban housewife is a joke. And I suppose it is meant to be a comedy, but I find it more sad. The only one that seems to have it together is Lynette, who still doesn't because she desperately wants to have her career back and not be taking care of her out-of-control children. 

And the one character who actually likes being a housewife is crazy and robotic. A Stepford wife with no emotions. 

So I see, everyone is DESPERATE to NOT be a housewife.

Chris came home to me engaged in the third episode and asked if I was like that. "Wine at noon?" he said. I told him that "I wasn't Desperate by any means." Although sometimes I do like a glass of wine at lunch. 

I understand that no relationship, parent, wife, husband or child is perfect. However, there ought to be some family on the show that has it together...at least a little bit. 

Even I start thinking, "Great. What if my kids are crazy like that?" or "What if Chris just up and left me?" or "What if I am turning into this perfectionist robot?" 

I constantly hear about The Real Housewives reality shows and their cat fights, affairs and pre-nups. 

But are these portrayals or "reality" stars really "real" ? 

I hope not.

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