fashion friday

Here is a little fashionable art. My sister hand drew this. She is incredibly talented!


happy st. patrick's day!


The Jack Keller Story

A powerful, heartbreaking and faithful story. 

Please click on the link to visit their page and see how you can help financially or through prayer.


reshaping my life: week 1

Audrey is almost 9-months-old! It is true what they say, "9-months of weight on takes about 9-months for weight to come off." If you have read previous posts, I lost the 35 pounds of baby weight a little more than a month ago, but still want to carry on and make some lifestyle changes.

I picked up the most inspirational and motivational book the other day after I saw our favorite "Full House" kid, Candace Cameron, on Kathie Lee and Hoda. She looked fabulous (which means to me not celebrity bone thin, but healthy, glowing and energetic) and spoke about relating her new healthy lifestyle, weight loss and reshaped life in general to her faith. 

Being that I am also a Christian, I had a jump-start but still felt strange that I could use God as my weight loss buddy. It feels like I have a lot of other things to be praying about...Japan, my family, baby, friends, our health. AHA! That's it! Our health. I need good health to be a good role model for my family and to keep up with them.

No longer am I focused on competition, jealousy, materialism and this American obsession of what women should look like -- I am focused on a reshaping my attitude toward food for my ultimate health. God gave me this body, why shouldn't I treat it the best that I can so that I can be the best mom and wife that I can? 

Reshaping It All is making so much sense in every word that it is almost scary. 

These are lifestyle goals. I'm not going on a diet, I'm reshaping the way I eat and see food. Like Cameron says in the book, I'm not going for the sprint here to lose a ton of weight fast (done that, gained back) because I am going for the distance. And as most know, you have to train and train to run the distance. 

Some truths about myself that I've faced through just the beginning of Cameron's book: 

1) "We try to change only the food that we eat instead of changing our mind-set." I was confused why the scale didn't show my healthy eating habits. I limit my carbs, eat a ton of veggies and good protein. My mind was telling my that since I was eating "good," I could eat a lot. So I would have larger portions and salads with dressing and cheese. 

2) "Overeating this once isn't such a big deal. I can eat this...then I'll just get back on track in the morning!" Said that: Superbowl parties, birthday parties, going out to dinner, having a stressful day or feeling like I "earned" it because I worked so hard during the week. Sure, I can have a small treat, but shouldn't gorge on junk food because that only weakens the strength I've worked so hard to build up.

Here are some of the things I am going to start working on this week and continue to work on for...yes, the rest of my life. Cameron and oh ya, the Bible says to work in three's: God, and two partners (husband and friend?) So, join me!

1) Use God as my strength. "Exercise the fruit of the spirit (self-control)" and fight the flesh (temptation). Commit to keeping my body a holy temple and using God's word and prayer to learn about eating how we are built to and not going back to old habits. 

2) Eat half of what I have and then stop and ask myself, "Am I satisfied?" "Will I be OK without another bite?" I've already been working diligently on portion control, and I started learning this because Audrey would always want on my lap or attention during a meal. Therefore, I wouldn't get time to really eat and everyone would be done before I've eaten much. But then I realized, "Hey, I am satisfied and only had 1/4 to 1/2 of the dinner." 

3) Limit cheese and dressing. I can have some, but just a sprinkle of cheese and two tablespoons of dressing.   

 "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." (HEB. 12: 11)

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