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Loving the Cindy Lou Hoo do!

Miss Thang..mm hmm.

Do I have to wear Carhartt Mommy?

Carhartt, but PINK Carhartt for the logger hubby.
Carhartt kids clothes locally found at Coastal.

Mommy Buys

OK, I am now a sucker for Costco jeans. DKNY and Calvin's have always been a fav and they both are at Costco for $16-$19.99. They fit great and for the mom who is still losing weight, I don't mind that buying them knowing they won't fit later for that low of a price.
Mom & kid matching aprons! Just melt my heart. I always remember cooking in the kitchen with grandma and mom and the apron was a must. UP TO 50% off until 4/11  ZULILY


beans and toes

Our inside green house is doing great! I can't believe how big it is getting. The beds outside are filled and all ready, just waiting for the right weather. We got a little snow this morning! Can't believe it. 

Week 2

Week 3

I just love how she eats with her toes up.


scoop on poop: part II

Audrey doesn't like baths anymore. I've been trying everything to spruce it up. She isn't even in her infant tub anymore - she is a big girl. Furthermore, being a big girl means she also knows how to stand up in the tub, throw her toys out, splash and yell. 

Audrey takes a bath every morning after breakfast since she is normally a food disaster. I really enjoyed that bath time since it would allow me time to wake up and drink my coffee. 

That's over. But, once out of the bath, she prefers to air dry. She loves squirming out of her towel and crawling in circles. She looks exactly like a dog after you clean them- so happy to be clean. 

I never minded the au naturel playtime since that is what now allowed me a little peace, time to clean the bath up and 95 percent of the time, she had an empty bladder from peeing in the tub. 

Yes, she has surprised me with large wet spots on the rug, but rarely. And it is just baby pee.

Today was a different story.

As I escaped to the living room to grab my cup of Joe and start drying bath toys, I smelled poop. I leaned in toward my hand and thought that her morning poop must have stuck to me a bit. After a few minutes, Audrey came roaring down the hallway looking for me. I picked her up and got my hand sticky. I looked at her leg, and yep...there was poop on it. 

While carrying her sideways like a sack of potatoes, I ran into the bedroom and was taken aback by the powerful smell. And there it lie- a big pile of what now looks like human poop since she is eating real meals siting warm on the carpet. 

I thought for a second and decided to deal with her first. I put her in the bathtub and showered her down. It was all over her legs and arms. 

Once she was clean, I left her there to have her air dry time in the tub and I headed in to the mess with my Resolve at hand. 

It was everywhere. All over her toy piano, books and stuffed animals. What is really sad is that the main pile rested under where I store the diapers and wipes. It was clear that she was playing at the end of the room and felt the poo coming and then crawled over all her toys to the diapers and wipes. Smart girl.

Another wonderful way to start the day...


reshaping my life: week 4 - PERSEVERE!

I've hit a bump in the road. I'm not sure where it came from. Last week I was feeling that I completely had this under control and that there was no way it could slip away. This week, I'm kind of scared of slipping. 

For the past three weeks I have practiced really listening to my body and what it needs. Needs not wants. I've gotten pretty good. 

However, yesterday was the first time in these last three plus weeks that I experienced hunger pains. My stomach was actually growling which was strange because I ate a healthy breakfast and had my coffee. Normally it isn't until 1 p.m. that I make a little lunch. But yesterday, 11 a.m. came and my tummy sounded so sad. 

After Audrey fell asleep, I made a Yumm! Bowl and to my surprise - ate the whole thing. I looked at that clean bowl and asked myself, "What's going on?" Before too long, I really wanted a cookie. Uh Oh.

There are a number of factors that contribute to our unhealthy eating habits that are both emotional and physical. Stress can cause a person to not eat or to eat too much. Neither one of those is healthy, but I am an eater and was always envious of those who got stressed and oops, dropped ten pounds. 

Happiness and confidence can attribute to letting go "just this one time" because you lost ten pounds. Relaxation can lead to the "I don't really care" attitude - "I'm on vacation!" 

So I had to really think about why all of the sudden I am feeling this mood change which is affecting my eating habits. This is something I would suggest to anyone. If you noticed a change in eating or on the scale, sit down and really think about your mood and write down things you believe could be causing it. 

Before you make a doctor's appointment, you list all of your symptoms so that they can make a proper diagnosis. Do this for yourself so you can make your own diagnosis and be aware when it comes up again.  

My symptoms:

Stress: My dad had surgery yesterday for an issue he was having with his artificial heart valve that was replaced about ten years ago. I found out last night everything went pretty well. 

Physical: My whole family is sick again! We've had a cold every month since January. This definitely affects my eating because I don't feel good and just want to sit on the couch and comfort myself in some good ol' tapioca. 

Weather: Last week it was 70 degrees and sunny. That not only gets me in a good mood, it gets me outside and doses me up with some much needed Vitamin D. Being spring, it quickly got rainy and cold again. Therefore, my mood, sickness and weather makes the perfect cocktail for sitting inside, on the couch and wanting more tapioca.


  • Avoid the kitchen as much as possible. If I am stuck in the house, move to the bedroom or living room to do my tasks. 
  • Get out and do something. 
  • Eat encouragement: look at my favorite quotes, Web sites, books (Reshaping It All...) and verses through the Bible to keep me on the right track - or get me back on track.
  • Journal it. If I am feeling emotional and want to eat, think about what is causing it and write it down. Then, distract myself. 
  • Comfort with coffee. Since I'm not feeling too well, I do just want some comfort in my mouth. Therefore, I've turned to coffee and tea which is warm, soothing and fills me up. 
  • Persevere: This is my absolute favorite word, and it is funny how God works because lately it has appeared everywhere in front of me! 
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1).

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope (Romans 5:3-4).

Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers (1 Timothy 4:16).

Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance (James 1:3).



we finally found things Audrey doesn't like to eat! So far..

No tapioca!

And we didn't really like that lemon

But we love blueberry pancakes...

britt's bucket list

  1. Read the entire Bible 
  2. Have another baby...in a few years
  3. Write and publish a book
  4. Travel to Europe - drink wine in Tuscany and eat spaghetti in Rome 
  5. Start a vineyard
  6. Lead a woman's Bible study or group
  7. Run a good race 
  8. Have a house in the country
  9. Buy a new car (this is funny for all of you who know I am still driving the same '91 Honda Accord from when I was 16!) 
  10. Take a cooking class
  11. Don't ever grow up
  12. Take my children and then my grandchildren to Disneyland
  13. Teach Audrey all I know
  14. Take a mission trip
  15. Learn to sew
  16. Learn my family's history
  17. Visit the Grand Canyon
  18. Get better at piano
  19. Visit Yellowstone
  20. Do something extraordinary for my parents
  21. Pay off my student loan by the end of 2011
  22. Snowboard Whistler
  23. Visit Alaska
  24. Drink beer in Ireland
  25. Master being slow to anger and quick to forgive
  26. Walk and hold hands with my husband when we're old
  27. Pray everyday
  28. Fall in love with my husband everyday
  29. Kiss my baby every chance I get
  30. Lead someone to Christ

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