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missing in action

Hello! Sorry, I have been rather MIA. Everyone told me that painting cabinets was quite the task: frustrating and time consuming. I still was optimistic. 

Something that you probably don't know about me is that I am a little accident prone. Maybe that isn't the right way to explain it. Things that wouldn't go wrong for other people, like to go wrong for me. Little things and it is mostly because I don't think things through completely.

Knowing that about me, you can imagine my painting project.

My mom came into town to help (thank you, mom!). It started with her beginning to take the hardware off the cabinets. The knobs were obviously put onto the old paint while it was still wet therefore was glued to the paint and started peeling it off.

We then were left with a large piece of cheap, latex paint and a huge open wood spot on the cabinet. So we decided to Google "removing latex paint." We would have to take the paint off. Seeing that it was just peeling off, new paint wouldn't stick.

We found a recommended latex paint remover called Lift Off. All I can say is that it did not lift off. It didn't really do anything. Then I got down and dirty and just put some nasty paint remover on it...and nothing. I took the sander (which was funny with  mom and I trying to figure out how to get the sand paper attached). That also did nothing. 

I said "forget it!" and just sanded around the edges where the paint had peeled off. We decided to just really primer and paint them with lots of coats. (To the next owners of this house: sorry, I would recommend just getting new cabinets.) 

Things were going pretty smoothly after we started priming. My husband put a tarp in the garage so I could have a paint station to paint the doors. It was a beautiful day and I had the garage door open. 

After one side of all the doors were primed, I took a short break. Once I returned outside, I looked down at the doors and saw little hairs. (Another thing you might not know about me is that I am an anti-hair fanatic. I can't stand dog hair, cat hair...or my own fallen out hair.) So, I notice that the breeze had picked up dog hair and spread it nicely over my now pretty much dry paint. It was stuck in it. HAIR DOORS!

After a small flip out, I decided to re-paint inside. I took tweezers to the hair and picked it all out. 

Once the primer was all done, the real paint came out and started looking fabulous. I did do a good job on the color. I put a nice coat on the doors that were strung out on the kitchen floor leaving about two spots to step. 

Audrey had minded pretty well, but time finally came for a bottle and nap. I went to the kitchen and carefully opened the fridge door. Stuffed with birthday leftovers, I went to grab the milk and the chicken/mayo salad came tumbling down. I felt it all over my feet and refused to look at the damage. 

My mom then came it and just said, "Oh, nooo." Yep, there it was: chicken/mayo salad all over my freshly painted cabinet doors. 


I cleaned it up and once dried, just put the doors aside and decided to finish the kitchen. 

The doors are still sitting here. The kitchen looks great, but I'm going to have to do some serious work on the dog hair/chicken salad doors. Wish me luck!


25 and better than ever

I spent the last two days celebrating my twenty-fifth birthday. Other than the "birthday drink" that definitely made me feel old the next morning, I feel better than ever. 

At twenty-five, I've accomplished all the things I really wanted out of life and have been blessed with more. At twenty-five, I've got the most incredible husband, a beautiful daughter, a nice home, the most amazing friends and a strong faith guiding me every day. 

I am in pretty much the best shape of my life, feel happier than ever and really lucky. 

So, I don't mind the big 25. To 25 more!


happy birthday to me

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