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husband & wife remembering when they became mom & dad, a year ago. 
B: How did you feel with Audrey first came into the world? 

C: I was glad it was over, glad it went fast, glad both mom and baby were healthy, and happy. I couldn’t wait to get home and start our family – and get out of the hospital. 

B: I know! I remember us both being so happy because I my water broke at 11:45 p.m. and the hospital starts charging at midnight. That way we didn’t have to pay the daily charge for only a few hours. 

C: I liked getting to sleep with you in the hospital bed after Audrey was born.

B: I was constantly waking up checking to see if she was breathing. Funny, I still do that. 

B: Those first few weeks are so exciting, but so exhausting. 

C: That excitement about getting up every hour with the baby wore off after the first night of no sleep. 

B: Was that the most tired you’ve ever been in your life or what?

C: No, I’ve been more tired at work. 

B: Oh, so the life of a hard-working, middle-of-the-night rising logger help get you in shape. Nothing could have gotten me prepared for the first few weeks. 

C: I quickly learned that everyone has a lot of advice. It was obnoxious. I was ready to figure it out on our own. “That’s great this worked on your kid, but let me figure out what works for us.” 

B: That drove me nuts. Wait. Uhh, I write a column and blog…with daily advice. Crap. 

B: There is just so much baby stuff too. You say you won’t be the parent with kid things taking over the house and then it happens. 

C: No, it just all goes inside the boat. “Just put it in the boat!” 

B: (Chris is a little bitter that the boat hasn’t been used, but works well for storage). 

C: I never got that gun either. You are supposed to get a new gun when you have a baby girl. 

B: Are you going to get Audrey a gun?

C: Yeah. I’ll get her a little pink gun. They make pink guns now. 

B: But I did say that you could have good beer for the rest of your life because you have a girl. That was a good deal, huh?

C: Yeah. 

B: What are some things you like doing with Audrey? 

C: I just got done reading Curious George. I never thought I would read the same book ten times over in one night.

B: What about different things you go through with a girl? 

C: I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a boy. 

B: But things that are unique to a girl? 

C: I’ve got boyfriends, periods and a wedding to pay for.  

C: I really like when she is excited to see me come home from work, goes to the patio door and pounds on it yelling, “Da Da!” 

B: So you like being a dad? 

C: What do you think? Why would you even ask that? 

B: Because it just occurred to me that people ask me that all the time, if I enjoy being a mom. Like I’m going to say, “No, I really don’t like it.” (Laugh) 



Wow! Where has the time gone? It has been a busy last few days finishing up projects and preparing for our little girls first birthday next weekend.

I can't believe it has been a year. It really makes me emotional.

Anyway, friends, here is a catch up on what we've been up to at the ABC household.

My mom came into town last week to bring a truckload of party supplies. Audrey had a great time with her Grammie and loves the new chair that she bought her.

My amazing husband who never stops working has been putting together a pergola for our deck. I love that I can simply show him a photo and he can build it. Thanks hunny! 

Our garden is also in full bloom. We got handfuls of strawberries this weekend. Audrey all of the sudden is obsessed with them. 

Beer hops

Chris has also been brewing away, getting stocked up for summer. Audrey's party beer is a raspberry ruby he named, Audrey's Ruby Slippers. How cute is that!?

While Chris and a friend finished up the pergola Saturday, my very own Martha Stewart, Terra, came over to craft with me (or maybe more like for me). That girl can go, go, go.

I've got the ambition to be a crafter, but I lose patience very quickly. Thankfully, once I lost it, Terra was still going strong, finishing up some darling decor items for the big party. Thank you Terra!!

All the rest of the decor will be shared next week!
 There is an update. This week is going to be crazy getting my house prepared for the weekend!

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