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flower power
Adding a summer flower really spices things up. We made this one for my sister from the Dollar Tree. About 6 flowers came on one stem, so you can make a bunch. Click here for how-to
baby bonnet
Target waterproof, light bonnet $6.99

not momma pants anymore

I've always loved high-waisted shorts, but this summer they are the only shorts I want. They accentuate the waist and are more comfortable. Plus, you can easily dress them up for cocktail hour or play them down for beach time.

My sister in American Eagle shorts


reshaping it all: still going

Awhile back it became clear to me: I was asking for the wrong thing. Matthew 21:22 says, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer." 

First, believe. Believe in God, believe in His Word and believe in yourself. The stronger and deeper your belief goes is what changes the next part. 

Whatever you ASK in prayer. The better you know His Word (i.e., the more you believe), the better you know what to ask for.

All these years, I had been focusing on the wrong thing. And a part of me knew it too because I didn't like to pray about it. I didn't want to present God with my pity party. I figured, "How selfish when I can be praying about the health of my family and all the problems of the world- why would I pray about my weight and image?" 

Reading, He began to speak to me. The words "discipline" and "perseverance" kept appearing. I realized, wanting to be thin, creating a better image of myself was not what I needed. I was focusing entirely on the wrong thing and that was directing me in the wrong way like unhealthy diets, low self-esteem, etc... 

I soon realized THAT is what I needed to be praying for. Strength to keep exercising, guidance to make healthy choices, courage to say "no." Discipline. Perseverance.

My game plan had changed. Those were things I needed to present to God! Not, "God, please help me get into a pair of size 4 jeans." You can't build something without the proper tools. You don't ask for a new house, you ask for the tools and material - then He will guide you on how to use them. 

I'm still working on it. Discipline is incredibly hard, however, I have found having it to be one of the most beautiful things. Nothing makes me feel healthier or more beautiful than when I have the strength to run that extra mile or say "no" to a certain food choice.

So, what are you asking for? Whatever it is, break it down, tear it apart and look at the basic structure. The foundation is what you need first (God) and then it is the materials. Keep persevering and being consistent with prayer. Pretty soon, you'll have all the tools and materials you need to build and strong and healthy you.


family album


To Daddy, Love Baby

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Today is not only a day where dads get to sit back and be exempted from lawn mowing or house projects. It is a day honoring the amazing things that happen when man becomes “Dad.”

The man that you knew to wear a rugged beard, dirty jeans and fix leaks morphs into someone who speaks in a high-pitched baby voice, knows how to swaddle, sings nursery rhymes and glows every time he hears “Daddy.”

I've never seen my husband so full of love and so sleep-deprived than in the past year. Man doesn't know patience, energy or his true hair strength until he has children, especially little princesses. Just ask my dad.

So when my monthly column fell on not only Father's Day, but also the first birthday or our daughter, Audrey, I thought nothing would be better than to write a letter to my husband from Audrey. Although she can't really speak, I believe this is what she would say.

Dear Daddy,

I know you were a little scared to have a girl and trust me, I would be too. But you and I have something special: You are my leader, my example and my best friend. When I came into the world, you swept me right up and have been giving me that unconditional love ever since.

Thank you, Daddy, for holding Mommy's hand and cheering her on throughout my arrival. Sorry that she may have broken your hand. And while she was passed out, thank you for recording video of my first bath and asking the nurse all the important questions.

You sure knew how to swaddle me just right, Daddy. Thank you for practicing before and redoing it every time Mommy tried to. Thank you for learning the secret 5 S's and working so hard at them to help me sleep and be comforted in this new place.

Thank you, Daddy, for being there for Mommy when she was emotional. Thank you for getting up with me in the night and letting me fall asleep in your arms.

I'm sorry about all the pink Daddy, but Mommy can't help it. I promise that I will wear my Cabela's overalls, hickory shirts and boots too. And although I am not a boy, I can't wait to fish, hunt and explore the woods with you, Daddy. I'm excited to get that pink gun you keep talking about.

Thank you for growing tomatoes in the garden for me even though you and Mommy don't like them, reading me Curious George 10 times in one night and giving me clean diapers. You are always thinking of me and taking care of me.

Thank you, Daddy, for being the faithful leader that you are. You are such a good example, and I can't wait for you to start teaching me all you know. Your faith and patience will come in handy when I start having boyfriends and periods.

You are so brave and strong, Daddy. Thank you for always assuring Mommy that I'll be OK when she is worrying and for letting me do the fun things that she won't. You are always making me laugh.

I'm sorry I'm so expensive, Daddy. But just like how you acquired Mommy's debt from Grandpa, hopefully some man will take on mine too.

Thank you for taking such good care of Mommy and me, Daddy. You are always working hard so we are happy and comfortable. I hope I meet a man just like you some day.

Thank you, Daddy, for this wonderful year. I'm already becoming a reflection of the wonderful person you are.




happy birthday baby

I can't believe a year has gone by already. Happy first birthday Audrey and happy father's day!

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