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Now that I'm post baby body, even though I'm smaller than I've been in a long time, my body is still different. Yes, bring on the momma jeans! I will no longer be shopping in the junior department. So, after cleaning my closet of halter tops, short dresses and butt crack jeans - in addition to some maternity clothes - what do you do now? 

1. Exchange/Trade in store: Buffalo Exchange is one of my favorites; however, many times they won't take anything and sometimes they take it all. I would advise calling and seeing what they are taking or when would be a good time to bring in your clothes. This option is nice because I don't mind second hand clothes that are in good condition like Buffalo Exchange has, and this way you can trade what they take for a higher trade price. But, you still have the option of taking cash.

If you are loaded with high school brand names such as Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, etc... Plato's Closet is your ticket for trade in or cash. 

Search your local consignment shops for more... 

2. EBAY & online: If you've got the time and really don't want to see your expensive, nice clothing traded in for a few bucks, then try online selling. This requires more energy and time, so you make be coming in about equal: time/money...

Other online consignment shops:

3. Girlfriend swap: I like the benefits of swapping with my friends. It doesn't have the "scary" effect of the second hand store, if that is not your thing. You know who has been wearing the clothes. And you get to see your clothes be taken care of. Just have to have friends that are your size and style. Bonus: Throw a girlfriend clothes swap party! Wine, food, clothes...sounds good to me!

4. Donate: I also love to donate. Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul's and many other stores will easily take your bag of clothes and in return, you get a tax cut. In the end, the tax cut is about the same or more than I would get in cash at a consignment store. 

{Side note: BABY CLOTHES- Where I live, there are a number of second hand baby stores. Second hand is the thing here. We even have THIRD hand stores. Eek. These stores have been far more eager to accept all the baby wear and gear for a good price. Other options are waiting for Christmas to get a little closer to donate them to great charities that are in need for items or give them to friends having babies! I loved hand-me-downs!) 



I really didn't know when this moment would ever come, but it is almost here: My husband and I are in the process of getting a new car. 

Making me a happy 16-year-old, I got my mom's 1991 Honda Accord handed down to me. It barely had any miles and treated me very well for nearly 10 years. I put it up for sale last week and in only a few hours, it was gone. 

I kind of miss it! Don't get me wrong, I am so over racing around with a stick shift and ready for a mommy-mobile, but that car had been in the family for twenty years and went through so many memories. For now, I am driving the Ford F150 - camo seat covers and making my neck look a little too red- so let's hurry up with the new car, eh?

However, I've had a few moments I've had to step back. Through this process, I've been reminded to pay attention to a lot of actions. For one, I need to concentrate on needs and not wants. While some wants are not a bad thing, setting the needs first is the most important. We are blessed to be able to be in the position to get a new vehicle and so easily can materialism get in the way. 

Just like our house situation, I had my sights set on newer, bigger homes. I had to step back and let God lead the way. Once I did that, our perfect little cottage arrived. When God wasn't really in my life or maybe it also has to do with getting older and wiser, I thought a new car would change my image, make me feel better, etc... Isn't that crazy that we are brought up in a society where we think these objects will make things better? I'll take what God gives us, as long as it is  not a minivan (no offense to other blog moms!). 

The other, bigger action I'm working on is that this is "our" car. Even though it is mostly for me, marriage makes everything "ours" and I'm trying to stop with the "me's," "I's," and "mine's." My husband used to joke with me that I was like the seagulls on Finding Nemo, "mine...mine...mine." 

God made marriage to be a partnership and husband's to be the leader in that partnership. God, please help to humble me through this process and not get swept up in the materialism of society; help me to trust You and my husband, and be aware of selfish words or thoughts- always including my teammate in decisions. Amen. 


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Hi all. I'm a guest blogger today over at Christian Super Mom, a fabulous, inspirational blog that I continually follow. 

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