going bananas

If you are in Portland this weekend for the Komen Portland Race for the Cure, look for the bananas. I'm sure you'll see them considering Del Monte Fresh Produce will be distributing 20,000 bananas to runners, walkers and other attendees the day of the race. 

And – some of these supporters will be wearing banana suits all for a great cause. 

Thousands of people are expected to attend. Leftover product will be donated to Oregon Food Bank.
I love bananas and obviously, so does Del Monte Fresh Produce. 

Why? Characterized by their bright yellow color and sweet taste, bananas are the ideal fruit for snacks and sports activities. They contain all eight amino acids that cannot be produced by our bodies and are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C and potassium – a mineral that is depleted when athletes perspire. They also are high in anti-oxidants, shown in studies to help in the prevention of many cancers.

Again, this will be Sunday, September 18 between 6:30 a.m. and noon between the Morrison Bridge and Morrison Street at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Del Monte healthy baby-friendly recipes, YUM!


swagg me

The mood today is: fall. I want to cozy up. This is probably what prompted my purchase of the Swagg Sweater from designer Camilyn Leavitt on Etsy at The Swagg Shop. Love this find thanks to Sarah at Fairy Tales Are True.


happy anniversary to us

My husband and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary today. It is so hard to believe that two years have gone by, but then again, it seems like I've known you forever. 

We've done about everything there is to do in the span of two years. We started by getting married, then buying a house and moving, we were quickly pregnant and had Audrey, and then recently bought a new car. 

Through everything, I've learned a lot in the past two years. A lot about marriage and a lot just about my husband. 

I've learned how amazing my husband's attention to detail is; this can be good and bad. That new hair do you got? Yes, he'll recognize it. The new clothes that you secretly bought? Oops, he'll notice though too. My husband notices almost every little thing done to the house, car or myself. He will also remember exact words and past conversations, so I try not to make any empty promises. 

I've learned that marriage takes work. Just like any relationship, a working friendship, family and union as husband and wife takes a lot of effort and breaking down barriers. Both of us being stubborn has made this past year a challenge. Someone has to be the first one to say "sorry." We've both been pretty good at stepping forth, talking it out and trying not to go to bed angry. 

Some of the best marriage advice I got was, "When you're mad at each other - just get naked." It actually works pretty well. 

The other most important thing I've learned is that God really does need to be at the center of a marriage. I notice when times are rough between my husband and I, it is always a time where we are both really busy, have stress going on and haven't spent enough time alone or together with God.

Lastly, this is what marriage is all about. Continually learning, understanding and growing together as one.

Happy anniversary sweetie. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you even more than this day two years ago!

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