Hello all! I haven't totally deserted the blog world, just going under some construction for a way cooler site. =) 

Keep looking in and I'll be back soon! 

xo abc


1TootieFoodie said...

Following you on Twitter!

Missie said...

Excited to see the final design!

Camilla and Valerie said...

cant wait to see your new desgin!
we miss hearing from you!

come visit us again soon :]
xo, camilla & valerie

Earl said...

Saw your piece in News Review about firearms. Welcome to Roseburg. I am a Chicagoan, and my wife is from the East Bay, California. We've undergone the same transformations as you mentioned, including political party affiliations! We've been here since 2007 and now live at Toketee Lake. I highly reccomend visiting the Toketee Falls area on the Umpqua National Forest. Stop at the front desk and say hi. Bring mosquito spray! Visit our church (clfroseburg.com) where we have an interesting mix of transplants, party affiliations, and life experiences. There are A TON of homeschoolers at CLF- in case you are considering just such a domestic career. We only make it every other week or so, since we live so far from Roseburg right now. Good luck and God bless with your blog, may your continuing transformation be comfortable, joyful, peaceful, and enlightened!

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