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Brittany is a Portland-bred journalist, graduating from University of Oregon in 2008. She has worked for Lucky magazine in New York City, Surface magazine in San Francisco, and founded a magazine, Button, out of Portland. 

After falling madly in love God, her amazing husband, Chris, was brought into her life and shook things up a bit. They established home base in Roseburg, Oregon where Chris is a logging administrator and Brittany is a stay-at-home wife and mother to a little princess.

Her life quickly went from Starbucks, city blocks, happy hours and restaurants to a small town, hopeful cook, bedtimes, laundry detergent, the on-going hum of a chainsaw and driving a pickup. 

Join her as she tries to muse you with all the ingredients that go into 
My ABC Soup. 

Brittany's column, My ABC Soup, is published in The News-Review every third Sunday. www.nrtoday.com

Brittany is a freelance writer. Please send her your mommy issues, questions and comments at myabcsoup@gmail.com

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